Meet the CSF Partners

Jane Stallman, Senior Partner

jane (1)At Lockheed SkunkWorks® Jane’s work was tested in the fire of a challenging reality. During a period of significant organizational change and downsizing all of the core programs she developed and supported were retained by senior management because they saw them as effective in producing results.

Much of Jane’s recent work has focused on emergent collaborations and complex facilitations with multi-stakeholder engagement. The seeds of this work were planted when she was a CORO Fellow in Los Angeles exploring how each sector of our society plays an important role in nurturing a functional civil society.

Jane’s clients and colleagues appreciate her program and facilitation design skills, calling upon her to be a thought partner in their work as well as a facilitator for their meetings and planning processes. An example of such partnering is her work as co-leader on a redesign of Rare’s (an international bio-species conservation organization) Pride program which included a major restructuring of the program, the development of the curriculum to support the new design, and the training of the RARE staff to implement and teach the program. The program has been awarded a Masters in Communication from the University of Texas, El Paso.

Jane is a ToP mentor trainer of ICA’s Group Facilitation Methods and Participatory Strategic Planning courses and is an Assessor for the ToP certification in facilitation. In 2005 she was certified by the International Association of Facilitators as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and by ICA as a Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF). Currently serves as Treasurer of the ToP Trainer’s Network.

Contact: Jane@strategicfacilitation.com

Stacey Daraio, Senior Partner

Opening up spaces where multiple perspectives, divergent points of view and orientations are supported and encouraged are just a few of the reasons Stacey stays motivated to work in the dynamic field of facilitation

Of the many roles she has inhabited: program developer and implementer; project manager and instructional designer; actor; director; therapist, she receives her greatest joy being in a room of people dedicated to improving the lives and well-being of others and supporting that endeavor.

Her work has brought her into contact with multiple community initiatives, community based organizations, and public agencies.

Stacey also serves as the co-director of Temescal Associates and has worked extensively throughout the Bay Area, the state of California and nationally.

Contact:  Stacey@strategicfacilitation.com

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