Meet the CSF Partners

Jane Stallman, Senior Partner

jane (1)At Lockheed SkunkWorks® Jane’s work was tested in the fire of a challenging reality. During a period of significant organizational change and downsizing all of the core programs she developed and supported were retained by senior management because they saw them as effective in producing results.

Much of Jane’s recent work has focused on emergent collaborations and complex facilitations with multi-stakeholder engagement. The seeds of this work were planted when she was a CORO Fellow in Los Angeles exploring how each sector of our society plays an important role in nurturing a functional civil society.

Jane’s clients and colleagues appreciate her program and facilitation design skills, calling upon her to be a thought partner in their work as well as a facilitator for their meetings and planning processes. An example of such partnering is her work as co-leader on a redesign of Rare’s (an international bio-species conservation organization) Pride program which included a major restructuring of the program, the development of the curriculum to support the new design, and the training of the RARE staff to implement and teach the program. The program has been awarded a Masters in Communication from the University of Texas, El Paso.

Jane is a ToP mentor trainer of ICA’s Group Facilitation Methods and Participatory Strategic Planning courses and is an Assessor for the ToP certification in facilitation. In 2005 she was certified by the International Association of Facilitators as a Certified Professional Facilitator (CPF) and by ICA as a Certified ToP Facilitator (CTF). Currently serves as Treasurer of the ToP Trainer’s Network.

Contact: Jane@strategicfacilitation.com

Robert Quintana Hopkins, Senior Partner

Robert Quintana Hopkins is an organizational development consultant, Certified Technology of Participation Facilitator (CTF) and Qualified ToP Trainer (QT).  He uses highly participatory processes to promote learning, team building, team performance and positive change in organizations and communities. He helps teams clarify their direction, develop implementable strategic action plans and collaborate effectively together.  With a background in Human Resources, he has over 20 years of leadership and management experience and has served as both an internal HR consultant and an external OD consultant.

Robert has successfully partnered with government agencies, nonprofits, universities and community based organizations such as churches.  Since joining CSF in 2014, Robert has consulted to important CSF clients such as Alameda County General Services, California State Parks Foundation, Sandia National Laboratories, Lake County Tribal Health Consortium, Point Blue Conservation Science and Santa Clara Valley Water District.

Robert holds an MA degree in organizational psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology (CSPP) and expects to complete his PhD in organizational psychology at CSPP later this year.

Contact: robert@strategicfacilitation.com

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