CSF Learning Community

These occasional events celebrate our various journeys. All are welcome. We hope you will join us for Focused Conversations and refreshments! Please contact us to learn more about this event.

Where: Oakland, CA. location announced after you register
Cost: Free of charge
Time: 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

ToP Facilitator Certification

An established credential, the ToP Facilitator Certification is a way to demonstrate your proficiency in ToP methods. The process is heavily biased towards demonstrating ToP competencies via demonstrated work experience. If you are committed to utilizing ToP methods and want to know more about certification and certification support groups, please contact us.


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Why ToP Training? Participation matters!
The ToP methods have a 35 year track record of getting results for communities, non-profits, business and government. By adding ToP skills to your toolkit, you deepen your capacity to honor diversity, integrate the contributions of everyone and move groups to decision and action.

Photo: Youth Team's First Session

Photo: Youth Team’s First Session

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