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It’s been years since I took a ToP workshop but I still use techniques I learned in Participatory Strategic Planning, Power of Image Shift, and my gateway course. I’m always pleased with the results, but last night’s meeting exceeded my hopes. Our topic was controversial and the participants had a reputation for being confrontational. And while our questions were designed to bring out the most productive answers, it was the methodology I have to thank for establishing a context where people felt appreciated and heard, and as a result offered up their most constructive, forthright, and insightful input. In the summative words of one of our participants: WOW.

~Susan Starbird, Starbird Creative

ToP training is rigorous, powerful and well worth the investment! We trained our entire management team to use ToP Facilitation Methods and have been using them all over the organization. ToP has given managers an important tool that strengthens the culture of participatory decision making and promotes staff acceptance and enthusiasm for organization initiatives and change.

~Elizabeth Carty, MSW, Chief Operating Officer, Center for Elders Independence

I’m especially excited about the way the methods allow and encourage different perspectives without getting bogged down with debate.

~Iris Preece, City of Fremont Human Resources

So, in order to make participation work, it is essential to have a good structure. Clear limits, guidelines and leadership are important in making an empowering, freedom-generating process like participation work.

~Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Author of When Giants Dance

Jane and Marti’s insights, brilliant design skills and engaging facilitation brought our collaboration together in a focused way and enabled us to move clearly into our initial implementation of Alameda County’s ten year plan to end homelessness.

~Elaine deColigny, EveryoneHome, the Alameda County initiative to end homelessness


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