ToP Facilitator Certification

An established credential, the ToP Facilitator Certification, is a way to demonstrate your proficiency in ToP methods. The process is heavily biased towards demonstrating ToP competencies via demonstrated work experience. If you are committed to utilizing ToP methods and want to know more about certification and certification support groups, download the ToP Facilitator Certification Program Guide.

Please contact us if you have any questions or wish to discuss the certification program.



CSF Certification Cohort

  • Stacey Daraio, CTF
  • Stephanie Hochman, CTF
  • Robert Quintana Hopkins, CTF
  • Maureen Jenkins, CTF
  • Liz Lindsley, CTF
  • Kathleen Paulo, CTF
  • Kathleen Rice, CTF
  • Marti Roach, CTF
  • Darci Smith, CTF
  • Jane Stallman, CTF
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