Community Planning & Social Change Initiatives

How do you bring people with diverse perspectives and experiences together for dialogue, creative problem solving and generating new solutions?

Whether it’s a community health challenge, creating an advocacy campaign, launching neighborhood development or getting community alignment on a new water system, there is no simple recipe to get results everyone can agree to.

Two critical requirements for tackling larger scale change initiatives are:

  • Effective participation of those who are affected by and needed to ensure change is enacted
  • A thoughtful process that enables creative and comprehensive thinking

CSF can provide guidance and expertise in designing and facilitating highly participatory change efforts such as:

  • Community Summits
  • Multi-organization collaborative planning
  • Participatory community development
  • Neighborhood and community meetings
  • Stakeholder input processes
  • Participatory data gathering and analysis


“Human beings never feel close, never develop trust or are influenced by the thinking of people that they don’t believe listen to them, invite their thoughts and ideas, and need them as an asset in the relationship rather than an object done to or a recipient done or provide for.” 
Stephen Glen

Photo: II Alameda County Everyone Home Task Team Planning

Photo: II Alameda County Everyone Home Task Team Planning

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