Meeting Design & Facilitation

Are you planning your meetings to get you where you need to go? Or are you just “having a meeting”?

Save time and Improve Results by having CSF support your next meeting, event or off-site.

Call today for a free initial consultation to identify ways you can meet more effectively and generate productive, long lasting results.

CSF provides support for a range of meeting needs including:

  • Team development
  • Conference design
  • Stakeholder input and engagement
  • Participatory data gathering and review
  • Annual planning
  • Strategic thinking and planning
  • Program and project planning
  • Mission, vision, values development


Why do we hate meetings?

  • Meetings veer off topic.
  • They’re inconclusive: Neither decisions nor assignments are made, often because one-third of the people who should be present aren’t.
  • They lack rules, purpose and agendas. One-third of those attending have no idea why they’re there. Another third claim to have no say in decisions.
  • They’re too long. Fifty percent of those surveyed say meetings are a total waste of time.
  • The meeting facilitator has little control and is disorganized.

Source: Survey of more 1,800 managers by Roger K. Mosvick, a professor of communication studies at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minn.

Every day in the US, over 11 million meetings are held. Recent surveys show a trend to more time spent in meetings. A 2005 survey conducted by Microsoft of 38,000 workers found that they averaged only three productive days per week. For 69% of respondents, the culprit was unproductive meetings that wasted time.

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