Participatory Planning

Today’s leaders need to shape the future of their communities and organizations despite the uncertainties and rapid pace of change. Ways to productively engage the right people in planning are essential.

Whether you are focusing on strategic or operational plans, CSF can help you design the best process and engage the right people. Our planning support focuses on designing and facilitating a meaningful planning process and ensuring it gets implemented.

New times call for new thinking and new ways to plan. Whether it is a half day planning session with ten participants or a multi-session strategic planning process engaging hundreds of people, we can help you get to deep thinking, energized discussion and participant committment to action.

CSF utilizes a variety of methods and approaches in working with clients to design and facilitate strategic planning, including competitor review and analysis, open space, appreciative inquiry, world café, visual mapping, scenario planning and model building. All our work is informed by the Technology of Participation (ToP) strategic planning and action planning methods.

Jane and Marti’s insights, brilliant design skills and engaging facilitation brought our collaboration together in a focused way and enabled us to move clearly into our initial implementation of Alameda County’s ten year plan to end homelessness.
Elaine deColigny, EveryoneHome, the Alameda County initiative to end homelessness


“I no longer believe that organizations can be changed by imposing a model developed elsewhere….there is no objective reality out there waiting to reveal its secrets. There is only what we can create through our engagement with others and with events.” 
M. Wheatley Leadership and the New Science.

Photo: Working on Vision (Strategic Planning)

Working on Vision (Strategic Planning)

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