ToP Facilitator Coaching & Mentoring

There are several ways CSF provides coaching and mentoring support to participants who take ToP courses.

1. Free Hour of Consulting Following TFM

When a participant takes ToP Facilitation Methods, they receive one free hour of consulting on use of the ToP methods from one of the faculty within 6 months of the course.

2. Fast Track to Mastery

Over the years new TFM graduates have asked us if we would help them as they get started in using the methods. The Fast Track to Mastery program is a 5 hour package of coaching in the ToP Methods. Our aim is to help a participant leave the course and get started in using the methods quickly and effectively. We provide help with deciding which method will be most productive in a given situation, creating a great design, and reviewing the steps of facilitating the method. Because we believe that using the methods right away builds competence and confidence we offer this coaching package for a low rate of $475.00 for the 5 hours. The hours can be used over the course of a year.

3. The CSF Community of Practice

We hold a CSF Community of Practice event 8 to 9 times a year. Some of the sessions feature how ToP Methods are being or can be used in different sectors (health care, justice systems); a special application of a method (Social Process Triangles); or lessons learned by a colleague in applying the ToP Methods. Other sessions focus on building skills in a methods such as crafting O level questions, creating a great Consensus Workshop Question, or setting a provocative context for a Focused Conversation.

Typically there is no or low cost for the Community of Practice sessions. Sometimes we share appetizers or a potluck dinner.

Other Ways

Participants also hire CSF to help them with designing sessions and facilitating/co-faciltiating complicated sessions so that they have an opportunity to see a meeting designed using ToP methods facilitated.


facilitator coaching and mentoring

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