Join CSF’s Virtual Community of Practice and Learn to Adapt to the Changing Facilitation Landscape!

When change emerges, don’t stop. Adapt! Although we are not able to meet in person due to coronavirus (COVID-19) and shelter in place orders, there are many things we can do. One important thing CSF is doing is coming together virtually to share ideas, engage in dialogue, and practice new approaches to group facilitation. Join us for a monthly Virtual Community of Practice to connect with other ToP facilitators, participate in a supportive peer learning community, and practice new skills.


Designing Conversations of Significance: An Example with Focused Conversations on COVID 19

Facilitating a Virtual Consensus Workshop

Inventory of Trends, Paradigms and Approaches Using a 5 Level Wave Metaphor: What is going on around us that we need to pay attention to as we move forward?


A Focused Conversation Design for Families or for Family Groups

A Focused Conversation for Individual Reflection during the Days of Coronavirus

Top 10 Tips to Virtual Facilitation Delivery

Facilitation & Consultation

CSF TFM grad, Stefan Van Voorst, puts ToP methods to use within a month of the course at a One2One conference with youth, teachers, and police who collaborated to identify competencies to be taught in a new law enforcement course at Metropolitan State University. Get inspired at Stefan’s success. View this video